Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Brumby Junior School blog!

It's really encouraging to see schools becoming more active on social media and none moreso than Brumby Junior School using their blogs to communicate with pupils, parents and the worldwide web! It's really inspiring to see streams of updates for what the school are up to including visits, events, awards and specials workshops.

Along the right hand side of the school's main blog is a list of the many many blogs taking place in the school. Our favourite here at 20-21 Education is the Creative Workshops blog:

It's such a bright a beautiful site full of lots of ideas for creative workshops in the classroom, as well as a helpful Links page taking you to some more handy website for arts with children. Some of our favourite pictures are of the very perspective drawings created by children in Year 6! They're so clever!

We are really keen to support any other schools using blogging as a method of documentation, as well as blogging on our behalf after workshops that may have taken place at 20-21.