Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Last Newsletter of 2013!

We have just sent out our latest and last newsletter of the year! Our first ever four pager is jam packed with information on some of the things we've been up to and what opportunities are available for the new year.
This issue features all the successes of this year, including details of our now award winning services, our new Teacher Training offer Finding the Rs in Arts and opportunities to work with some exciting artists!

First  opportunity up, available until April  2014 only:

The Baked Bean Making Machine, with artist Dominic Heffer

Winner of our Open competition, international artist and maker extraordinaire, Dominic Heffer is offering an outrageously exciting opportunity for school engagement.
Dominic's bold images and sculptures currently adorn the halls of our galleries, and we're working with him to get as many schools and children involved in his new project the Baked Bean Making Machine, as we can.
Work with Dominic to create a machine that uses skills in design and technology, and creative and critical thinking.

Our second very exciting opportunity comes in the shape of lots of electrical wires, light switches and technological thinking:
Virtual World Workshop and Volatile Light
Highly esteemed theatre company IOU are bringing one of their most exciting exhibitions to 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in May 2014.
“Volatile Light is a mesmerising sound and light installation. Featuring an array of     specially made machines, LED lights will be attached to rotating arms, levers and cranks to weave a series of eccentric curves, sweeping arcs and hectic scribbles in the darkened gallery space.
“The IOU Virtual World workshop allows   participants to learn about 3D design and architecture, physics and mathematics, along with the ability to gain an understanding of computer programming, virtual reality and the gamification of theatrical mechanics.”
Please contact our Education Officer (details below) to book this truly fantastic experience, or to find out more about how our award winning services can support art in your school.
If you or your school haven't received a copy of the end-of-year newsletter and would like to know the latest news and arts education opportunities, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a relevant email address for us to forward on a copy: education.2021@northlincs.gov.uk or 01724 297070

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Art Superheroes!

Scunthorpe Church of England Primary School saved the day last week! We had an unfortunate cancellation with another school, but had already done lots of preparations and were drumming up a lot of excitement in the building, so needed a replacement school stat!
Step in our Superheroes in the shape of  Scunthorpe Church of England Primary's year six pupils! 27 pupils descended on the centre and used their special creative powers to design and make some of the most colourful superhero capes we've ever seen!
The afternoon started with us all coming up with as many words as we could think of, associated with Superheroes. Then we were challenged to draw one of the words, in 30 seconds! Super drawings skills!

Once our super creative juices were flowing, we visited the Judge Dredd exhibition, which features loads of comic heroes. We studied the shapes and recuring patterns of their logos and symbols. This is Hayley, the Education Officer, demonstrating what Judge Dredd's helmet looks like:

We spent a lot of time sketching and carefully observing how comic artists make stories through drawing.

Back in the Education Room, we used the Judge Dredd exhibition as inspiration for designing ourselves as superheroes. Each pupil had to think of their super powers, who their arch nemesis might be and what our logos would look like.

These logos were then drawn as big as we could make them, and cut out to create a stencil for printing.

Hayley helped us to make solid shapes, like stars, hearts and sheilds.

Then for the messy bit (it got so messy that there isn't much photo documentation of the actuakl process because we were all so busy cleaning up and printing!), to screen print our logos onto the specially made capes. The fabric we used was all floaty and light so when we run around with our capes on, we look like we are flying!

We had loads of fun with our friends

Our capes had to be left behind to dry, meaning 20-21 could get some quick photos before we were reunited with our super creations!

With the current climate regards attitudes to arts education at a low ebb, this workshop was a lovely opportunity to have children leave feeling fulfilled knowing they are creative, unique and that art makes them powerful individuals.
Education at 20-21 would love to deliver this workshop more often and are looking to have it embedded as a core offer for next year.
Get in tough if you have a class full of Art Superheroes who need some snazzy capes!
20-21 would like to give a HUGE Superhero thank you to Scunthorpe Church of England for stepping in so last minute and another HUGE Superhero thank you to Lee Beel, to photographed the day's events, which means we now have some snazzy images to use all over our website!

Monday, 2 December 2013

TAKEOVER 2013 Follow-Up

A few weeks ago, we were graced the the presence of some fine young artists from John leggott College, as part of Takeover Week, North Lincolnshire. We wrote a blog post about it, here.

We've since had some feedback from some of the students who took part on the day.

Laura Chafer:

Our takeover day at 2021 visual arts centre was a very interesting and useful experience. We started the day with a short presentation from a current working artist from the local area, Jo Smith, who showed us images of her work and explained some of the ideas and inspiration behind her projects. We were also joined by Hayley McPhun, who gave us some interesting tips and ideas about applying to university and which courses we might find interesting. We also had a discussion about career options within the creative arts and how both Jo and Hayley got where they are today.

Next, we presented our work to the rest of the group. We each chose two of our themes to talk about and showed our ideas and starting points, what work we had created and some artists that have inspired us. The feedback from the presentations was very useful as we were given feedback, constructive criticism and ideas for future development from Jo Smith, Hayley McPhun and the other students on the course.

In my presentation I talked about my projects on ‘Deconstruct’ and ‘Space’. In my Space theme, I decided to explore the idea that people’s perception of space may become distorted if they have a mental illness. To show this, I created several wire men and placed one inside a mirrored box to emphasise that this may make him feel trapped and distorted, and separated from the ‘normal’ world.

Karolina Koston:

For the takeover week I have visited the 2021 gallery in Scunthorpe. Due to the brief of the course I am studying at John Leggott College I was required to get a professional critique. I have presented pieces that in my opinion are the strongest out of the work that I have produced since September. The feedback I received was very useful when it came to decision making on my final pieces for this term. The work I have stuck by was for the theme of 'Self', this and my other works can be viewed on following blogs:

A big thank you to everyone who came along. We look forward to seeing you all in the future!