Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Comic Art Masterclass with Kev F Sutherland!

Last Friday we were very excited to welcome famous comic artist Kev F Sutherland to 20-21 Visual Arts Centre!
Kev F draws for The Beano, Dr Who, The Simpsons and many more, meaning we were extremely lucky to have him join us to celebrate the opening of our Judge Dredd exhibition.

25 pupils from Crosby Primary and three young people from The Darley Centre worked with Kev F to create a comic using the techniques he taught us during the session.

We got to watch Kev create loads of famous comic characters, including Judge Dredd, Batman, Manga characters, Dr Who and loads more! See who you can spot on this fab creation due to be exhibited at 20-21 very soon!

We got to see the actual artworks that Kev makes the feature in loads of comics worldwide!
Kev made us all giggle a LOT when he was showing us his Beano comics and pointing out that he discretely puts his name on each page! See if you can find it in this special jubilee edition of The Beano.

We learnt that Bart Simpson is just a lot of letters thrown together to make a cartoon!


While pupils all worked hard to create our drawings and new comic characters, Kev drew the cover of the classroom comics, using a title we had all chosen together.

Kev F made the cover for the class comics and each child got to draw a tiny little drawing in the background, while he drew portraits of all the pupils.
Kev F drew a portrait of each pupil to feature in our editions! What a treat to be able to go home with a portrait of each of us drawn by a famous artist!

Kev F used his fabulous photocopying skills to shrink the pupils' drawings down so they all feature in a comic for them to take home.

The day was full of laughter, creativity and lots and lots of comics! We hope he'll visit us again soon!

For more details on this workshop, or working with an artist in your school, get in touch with our Education Officer, Hayley McPhun: 01724 297070 or education.2021@northlincs.gov.uk

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Quality Learning!

We are delighted to announce that Education at 20-21 has recieved a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge!

Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge measure quality learning experience and ensure tight safety regulations, so schools and teachers can recognise that an education offer outside the classroom is one of quality that deals with safety and risk to tight regulations.

Here at Education at 20-21, we are very pleased to have been recognised as a quality provision and will be showing off our badge in the centre very soon!

For informaiton on our quality offer take a look at our website, sign up to our newsletter by emailing our Education Officer: education.2021@northlincs.gov.uk or browse our Education Offer.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Alkborough Primary's Popping Portraits

This Wednesday found 20-21 Visual Arts Centre plunged into darkness as our power lines went down. A minor panic ensued as we realised we had 20 year one and two pupils on their way from Alkborough Primary School for a full day workshop.

As flexible and spontaneous as we boast to be, this one had us thinking on our toes and we decided to run the workshop back at the school, to make sure we could operate safely and the children would still get maximum experience.

So... back on the bus and back to the school we went, so we could learn about Andy Warhol and make our very own Popping Portraits of ourselves and classmates, just like Burton Primary a few months ago.

Children got to learn the proportions on drawing portraits and made some fabulous pictures of their classmates. We used these portraits to make stencils and cut holes for transferring ink through during the screen printing stage.

The class got to use our specialist printing equipment, just like what Andy Warhol would have used in the 60's. This was very exciting and made some really interesting results.

Because of the rush, Education at 20-21 unfortunately didn't manage to get any photographs of the fun we had, but we did get some lovely feedback from the children:

"It was fantastic because we lent thins abowt portets."
"I loved it so much."
"I really liked the trip because it was at school"

For further details on our Popping Portraits workshop and other offers from Education, get in touch with our Education Officer: 01724 297070 or education.2021@northlincs.gov.uk or take a look at our Education Offer page on this blog.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bye Bye Darth Wader!

It was a sad day on Monday, when one of our most precious and well-loved pieces of artwork left the building.

Darth Wader has had his time at 20-21, entertaining thousands of children and families over the 12 years he's been here.

Darth waved goodbye with his big metal hand, and slowly and cumbersomely climbed into the back of a van, where he was taken back to his maker's house for essential repairs to his cracked rubbery legs and soundless horn.

Take care Darth Wader! Have fun wherever you go!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Helen Snell gives an Artist Talk

We had the delight of welcoming a group of John Leggott's Foundation students to the galleries today. The group were being introduced to the various cultural spots around North Lincolnshire, and we were one of them!

Education at 20-21 thought it would be a great opportunity for the students to meet one of our exhibiting artists and luckily, Helen Snell has been on site for the last few days, installing her beautiful exhibition Burnt Out.

Helen very kindly took some time out to speak with the students about her practice, the artwork being installed and how she came to become an artist. Students asked questions and got to handle some very delicate and beautiful artworks.

This short and impromptu artist's talk is a great example of how flexible and spontaneous our Education Officer and staff can be in the gallery. Artist talks and tours are something that 20-21 already offer to schools and colleges as part of our Education Offer.

Helen Snell is delivering a paper sculpting workshop on Saturday 5th October, in our education room, by way of celebrating the opening of her much anticipated and highly ambitious Burnt Out exhibition. For a mere £25 you will work with a prolific and well known artist, be inspired by her intricate and beautiful artwork and go home with your own paper sculpture.

To book your place, please call 01724 297070, places are limited.