Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Art Superheroes!

Scunthorpe Church of England Primary School saved the day last week! We had an unfortunate cancellation with another school, but had already done lots of preparations and were drumming up a lot of excitement in the building, so needed a replacement school stat!
Step in our Superheroes in the shape of  Scunthorpe Church of England Primary's year six pupils! 27 pupils descended on the centre and used their special creative powers to design and make some of the most colourful superhero capes we've ever seen!
The afternoon started with us all coming up with as many words as we could think of, associated with Superheroes. Then we were challenged to draw one of the words, in 30 seconds! Super drawings skills!

Once our super creative juices were flowing, we visited the Judge Dredd exhibition, which features loads of comic heroes. We studied the shapes and recuring patterns of their logos and symbols. This is Hayley, the Education Officer, demonstrating what Judge Dredd's helmet looks like:

We spent a lot of time sketching and carefully observing how comic artists make stories through drawing.

Back in the Education Room, we used the Judge Dredd exhibition as inspiration for designing ourselves as superheroes. Each pupil had to think of their super powers, who their arch nemesis might be and what our logos would look like.

These logos were then drawn as big as we could make them, and cut out to create a stencil for printing.

Hayley helped us to make solid shapes, like stars, hearts and sheilds.

Then for the messy bit (it got so messy that there isn't much photo documentation of the actuakl process because we were all so busy cleaning up and printing!), to screen print our logos onto the specially made capes. The fabric we used was all floaty and light so when we run around with our capes on, we look like we are flying!

We had loads of fun with our friends

Our capes had to be left behind to dry, meaning 20-21 could get some quick photos before we were reunited with our super creations!

With the current climate regards attitudes to arts education at a low ebb, this workshop was a lovely opportunity to have children leave feeling fulfilled knowing they are creative, unique and that art makes them powerful individuals.
Education at 20-21 would love to deliver this workshop more often and are looking to have it embedded as a core offer for next year.
Get in tough if you have a class full of Art Superheroes who need some snazzy capes!
20-21 would like to give a HUGE Superhero thank you to Scunthorpe Church of England for stepping in so last minute and another HUGE Superhero thank you to Lee Beel, to photographed the day's events, which means we now have some snazzy images to use all over our website!