Tuesday, 23 October 2012

PHEW! Mug mission complete!

...almost! Our Education Officer, Hayley, spent all of last week visiting schools throughout North Lincolnshire to present them with a gift from Education at 20-21! Those who haven't recieved their gift, worry not... it'll be with you before half term holiday!

The gift was this lovely bright yellow mug! Enough to brighten even the foggiest of winter term mornings!

Those schools lucky enough to have received their mug already, were all very welcoming. Some even offered a cup of tea and shelter from the wet and blustery autumn weather. (No, the tea wasn't served in their new mug.)

Some schools particularly caught Hayley's eye, for their beautiful artwork on display in the reception areas. Unfortunately, she didn't have a camera to capture the paintings and sculptures, to share with you all. A hearty well done to Goxhill Primary School, whose underwater fishy display was created with a local artist along with the gifted and talented pupils. They certainly were gifted and talented, documenting all the steps taken to make some beautiful textile fish in a mosaic sea.

Kirmington Primary School was so proud of their stunning Victorian building, that Hayley was taken on a tour of the small, very well behaved classes. And what a building to be proud of! There are 34 lucky pupils in the whole school, who get to walk into that lovely building everyday. Thank you for all being so kind and welcoming.

With all the travelling around still left to do, we must dash and leave you enjoying your cuppa (hopefully in our handsome gift to you!)

Thanks for reading! :)