Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Winter Wonderland comes to 20-21

This Saturday is the opening of a brand new Audience Engagement exhibition called Winter Wonderland. Lots of artists and groups from across the region have been busy making wintery trees for a festive woodland in the Nave Gallery at 20-21. The opening is a free event with lots of fun activities for all the family.

It's been a spectacle to watch the artworks coming together in the space, especially with the light shining through the old church windows.

This snippet of a beautiful glass piece is the work of local artist Gill Hobson. The light coming through from the church windows makes it one of the prettiest artworks in the show.

A taster of Nicky Dillerstone's tree does the work no justice. Come to see the whole thing for a really inspirational piece of work. Nicky offers a workshop where children and young people can create a similar tree using textiles and wire. Get in touch for more information.

Kirsty Champ's stunning willow sculpture is the central piece to the exhibition, standing tall above the other trees. It's hauntingly pretty in the church setting, giving the Winter Wonderland an eery air. Kirsty is an artist we use regularly for workshops with schools and families. Get in touch for more information.  

This handsome fellow is one of the few creatures in the exhibition. He was created by Winterton Juniors alongside an art teacher, in their school.

For more information on any of the artists, or about the exhibition, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the gallery on 01724 297070.