Thursday, 28 March 2013

Goxhill Primary make Dungeons and Dragons come to life at 20-21!

Goxhill Primary kicked off the last week of Spring Term 2013, with a fun packed day in the centre. The year two's have spent the term studying Dungeons and Dragons, the perfect theme to test our brand new Shadow Puppet equipment!
First, we visited the Sharmanka exhibition and watched as the characters swirled and twisted and danced their beautiful patterns across the walls of the exhibition space. We discussed what we could see and how it made us feel. We wrote lots of association words and answered questions on our worksheets.
The group then split into two and went to different parts of the centre to take part in different workshops to do with Sharmanka and our theme for the day: Dungeons and Dragons.
One group got the opportunity to play with light and dark, in the Education Room; making characters, scenery and props to reenact a set of story lines handed out at the beginning of the session. There were many variations on the story throughout the day and the children were lucky enough to have some pre-made characters, to help them tell their stories.
There once was a happy dragon, who liked wearing a hat...
He would ride his bicycle... his dark and gloomy dungeon.

...where he kept his sparkling treasure, shining bright.
Once, a brave knight came to try and steal the dragon's treasure...
But the dragon was too strong and bit his head off!

During the other workshop, children made kinetic story plates, using basic craft techniques and story telling skills.

The children had lots of great things to say about the day and we look forward to hosting lots more Shadow Puppet sessions in the new term!