Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Brumby Junior School's "Starting Point"

Brumby Junior School are highly innovative when it comes to creativity. Each summer term on a Friday afternoon every single teacher becomes an inspirational artist, guiding groups of children through an exciting journey of a creative project.

Children vote for which project they'd like to take part in and study it for the whole term, until the showcase event end the end of the school year.

The ignite interest and enthusiasm, Mrs Pitois brought her children in to 20-21 to take part in a shadow puppet workshop and witness the possibilities of lights and darks telling a narrative.

We visited the highly acclaimed Sharmanka exhibition "Gothic Kinetic", we discussed what the show was about and what the words "Gothic Kinetic" meant.

Back in the education room, we explored the aims of the artist and what materials Sharmanka used to create their work. Children filled in a worksheet that asked them questions about the artwork:
After being given some story elements, children worked in groups to write short stories about ghastly dragons or brave and bold explorers in ancient Egypt.
The group had excellent imaginations that were used very creatively for prop making and set designing of their shadow performances.
Mrs Pitois will be using ideas started at the workshop throughout her summer term's creative curriculum delivery. If you or your school need an inspirational starting point for any topic, get in touch for a chat about how Education at 20-21 can help; Hayley McPhun, Education Officer 01724 297074 or