Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bottesford Juniors Creative Triumph!

After our very successful Teacher's Twilight back in April this year, Bottesford Juniors' Arts Co-ordinator, Mrs Horsewood, embarked on a brave journey to encourage all children in the school to get creative!

Using a template presented by Mrs Fox AST and Art Co-ordinator for Brumby Junior School, Mrs Horsewood asked each of the teachers to come up with a creative workshop that they could deliver for four Fridays in the lead up to a final showcase event.

Workshops such as cross stich, computerised art, shadow puppetry, dance, music and stop frame animation among lots of other exciting things. Hayley, our Education Officer was honored to have been invited as a special guest, to the performance morning on 4th July. The event was expertly put together, with parents invited as the audience members. Hayley saw pupils shine a light on their musical ability, poetic performances, mime, dramatic scenes and shadow puppetry. Children stood in front of the stage to announce each of their performances and gave a special thank you to 20-21 for inspiring their creative juices and showing them how to make shadow theatre.

Here are some photos of the displays colourfully brightening up the school hall:


A really special thank you to all the pupils and staff at Bottesford Juniors for inviting us along to their first creative workshop showcase! What an excellent morning or talent, intrigue and a little bit of Gangnam Style! We would very much like to come along again next year, to see more of the same!