Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer break Newsletter

We are fast approaching the end of the school year. Winding down and wrapping up is always a good way of reflecting on the educational impact we've been making throughout the year.

20-21 Visual Arts Centre has been thriving with school visits including an Andy Warhol workshop with Burton Primary and on going creative curriculum support with Brumby Juniors among many others. We've run major projects with Willoughby Road Primary and Eastfield Primary that have tackled embedding arts throughout the curriculum, training a whole staff team and tackling issues facing potential NEET primary children. Have a look at this newsletter for further information of what we've been up to, or scroll through the blog to discover what other schools we've been working with this term.


As a result of such a successful school year, 20-21 have been looking at our education offer. From September we will have new loan packs, new workshops and exciting exhibitions on the horizon for next year! More details can be found on the "Education Offer" page on this blog, which is now unlocked from the school's firewall, meaning all pupils and staff can access the blog on school computers throughout North Lincolnshire!
We'll be around until the end of July, if you have an queries regards any of the above information.

We hope you have a great summer break. See you next year!