Friday, 20 September 2013

Ruth Dixon is joining us for Finding the Rs in Arts!

It is with great pleasure that Education at 20-21 can confirm Finding the Rs in Arts will be co-delivered by local performance poet and excellent wordsmith, Ruth Dixon.

We asked Ruth if there would be any link between what we were offering as Teacher Training and what she can offer with performing words.

To our relief, Ruth decided it was right up her street, meaning our Finding the Rs in Arts training session will be full of exciting opportunities and ideas to take back to the classroom, not only for written word, but also for spoken!

Finding the Rs in Arts is a FREE training session for teachers to discover ways of embedding arts in literacy lessons. We will be looking at current exhibitions that teachers can tap into as starting points for classroom topics and we'll give everyone the opportunity to network and explore ways of utilising 20-21's resources and venue.

To find out more about getting involved in this fantastic opportunity, take a look at out previous post Teacher Training - Finding the Rs in Arts.

There are currently only 3 places left, so to secure a booking please contact our Education Officer, Hayley McPhun on 01724 297070 or