Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Princesses Knights and Castles

Just before half term, we were delighted to welcome back Burton Primary School and their year 1's who were studying Princesses and Knights in their classrooms.

To get thinking like artists for the day, the children began by taking part in some 20 second drawing tasks, being challenged to think aroudn their topic and draw something they were learning in the classroom, in only 20 seconds. Needless to say, there were a LOT of brilliantly drawn castles!

The children had a tour around the church gallery, looking at the materials used to build our grand old building. We touched the walls to understand the texture of the stone used and get a feel for what it would've been like living as a Princess or Knight in the medieval in stone building with little heating and small windows.

Each class member had a sheet of paper to make notes on the words we used to describe the building.
"bumpy, rough, stone."

"concrete, arch, hard"

We also drew shapes we could see around the building, like the rectangular bricks and pointy arches.

Back in the Education Room, each child had a castle template to make a 3D shape and to decorate it using ideas taken from the words we had used in the gallery space.

Children were given colourful crepe paper that had been cut into squares and rectangles to replicate the bricks used to build 20-21 and other old medieval buildings. Once the building blocks had all been stuck, ensuring we had covered the entire castle, we used unusal packaging materials, dipped in block printing inks, to print textures onto the castle walls. The textures were similar to the ones we had been describing in the gallery: rough looking, bumpy and uneven.

We got really mucky hands from all the ink!

 The children told us:

"I liced geting mesee"
"I liqd everting"
"Church was old and beautifl"

A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful children from Burton Primary, for being excellently behaved and extremely talented! We had a lovely day with you all and look forward to seeing you again!

If your school would be interested in a Bespoke Workshop, please get in touch with out Education Officer, Hayley McPhun 01724 297070 or education.2021@northlincs.gov.uk