Thursday, 14 November 2013

Rama and Sita Shadow Puppets with Allerton Primary School

Allerton Primary in Immingham have been very busy learning all about how artists use shadows and light to create intriguing shapes and performances.  Over three weeks, Education at 20-21 worked across years three and four to recreate the story of Rama and Sita and the beginning of Diwali.

Children learnt about the aspects of creating a shadow and what science was involved in making sure shadows were effective. Pupils spent the first part of the workshop, using black card to make themselves a Rama or Sita puppet that had moving parts.

Children were all very enthusiastic about being able to go home with their very own shadow puppet.

Each pupil also made a monkey and each table created a monkey chain for the story.

We reminded ourselves of the Diwali story and what happened to Rama and Sita. Class members took turns to read sections of the story out loud for all to hear.

And then the fun began! The whole class played various roles in the Diwali story, some pupils were even given vital technical roles such as Scenic Artist or Technical manager. 

Rama and his wife Sita lived in a beautiful Kingdom, where Rama's father was the king. Rama was due to take the crown and share his royal status with his beautiful wife whom he loved dearly.

But Rama's jealous step-mother wanted her own son to be the next in line to the throne and so banished Rama and Sita from the Kingdom!

They went to live in the forest with Rama's brother, who he developed an excellent reputation with, for fighting evil spirits.

Ravana, a ten headed demon king grew jealous of their reputation and fell in love with Sita, who he wanted for his wife.

Ravan conjured a beautiful golden deer to tempt Rama, who chased it through the forests. While Rama was away, Ravana kidnapped Sita and took her away.

When Rama heard what had happened, he was at a loss what to do. He turned to Hanuman, the monkey god for advice. Hanuman summoned all the monkeys of the forest to help in a 10 day battle with Ravana and his evil spirits.

Rama and Sita were finally reunited and looked to find their way home to the Kingdom, but they were lost. The people of the Kingdom heard of Rama and Sita's worries to make the way home and so lit the way with lanterns and candles.

Rama and Sita were made into gods who are still celebrated today by the Hindu religion.

Allerton Primary School had an awful lot of fun performing this world famous story and learnt a lot in the process, covering art, science, religion, geography and literacy.

The teachers said:
"[The delivery of the workshop was ] Very Good!"
"A fantastic delivery. Very inclusive of all children and catered for all abilities."
"All aims and objectives met."
"A fantastic start to a topic of light and shadow and end to myth and India topic"

The children said:
"I liked the profromence"
"I wanted to be the gold deer and I did!"
"I think that is was great and everyone has lots of FUN!"
"I enjoyed shaking the monkey"

If your school would be interested in the story of Rama and Sita, or any other topic story, please get in touch to see if we can help out with a creative workshop! contact us on 01724 297070 or email