Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Arts Opportunities for Schools

Welcome back and a big Happy New Year from all here at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre.

We are starting 2014 off with a huge amount of enthusiasm regards Education at 20-21, because we have so many tempting offers for school engagement right through the year. 

Firstly we have three major opportunities to work with internationally acclaimed artists, for this term and next:

Dominic Heffer is offering an enormously exciting workshop. His bold images and sculptures currently adorn the halls of our galleries, and we are working with him to get as many schools and children involved in his new project as we can.

Have you class work with Dominic to design and create a fantastic Baked Bean Making Machine, using skills in design and technology, art and creative and critical thinking.

This offer is open to Primary and Secondary schools but is only available until April 2014! We predict that this workshop will be very popular, so we advise getting in touch as soon as you're able.

David Hancock's workshops at 20-21 have proven extremely popular in the past. Children and adults alike get the opportunity to work alongside a prestigious artist to create a self portrait using artist skills such as scaling up and colour blending.
David will tailor the workshop to cater for a half day or full day booking, with a maximum of 20 pupils from Secondary schools only.
A full day booking will include the opportunity to dress up, have your photo taken by the artist and then scale the image up to go away with a colourful self portrait.
For information on how to book this popular workshop at a time convenient for you, please contact us to check availability. This workshop is running from February to May 2014.
Virtual World Workshop and Volatile Light
Highly esteemed theatre company IOU are bringing one of their most exciting exhibitions to 20-21 for two weeks only in May 2014.

"Volatile Light is a mesmerising sound and light installation. Featuring an array of specially made machines, LED lights will be attached to rotating arms, levers and cranks to weave a series of eccentric curves, sweeping arcs and hectic scribbles in the darkened gallery space.
The IOU Virtual World workshop allows participants to learn about 3D design and architecture, physics and mathematics, along with the ability to gain and understanding of computer programming, virtual reality and the gamification of theatrical mechanics."
Prices of all the above workshops vary from artist to artist. Contact us as soon as you're able to ensure a booking can be made to suit your school and our artists' availability. Email or call 01724 297070