Monday, 10 March 2014

Grange Lane Infants are Art Superheroes!

Last week was a VERY busy here at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre! We had almost 60 of Grange Lane Infants' year threes and fours visit us for the whole day on Wednesday.

They were here to look at David Hancock's Cosplay exhibition, which features lots of people dressed as characters, who David photographs and later paints or draws into these exquisite pieces of art work.

Pupils spent quite some time in the galleries answering questions about the exhibition, to get them thinking about how artists operate; the tools they use, why they might want to be making this artwork.

We paid a lot of attention to the design of the costumes that the characters were wearing, as we were about to embark on creating our very own Superheroes!
Back in the Education Room, children thought of themselves as Art Superheroes, stepping in to save art in Scunthorpe. We came up with some really great super hero names that had special powers, like invisibility, the power of electricity and laser eyes that destroyed our enemies in their tracks.
We put some of these words and super powers into drawings, making us think creatively around our characters. Apologies for the bad quality of these pictures, our lovely camera wasn't available on the day.

Once we had in mind what our character would be like and act like, we started putting together some logo designs for our Art Superhero capes. The logos had to be simple, effective and bold in their shapes.

The logos were the turned into stencils for the screen printing techniques, which is why the shapes had to be large so they were easy to cut.
The stencils were used for silk screen printing which is a really special way to reproduce an image.
Our final capes were so bright and colourful that the Education Officer had to wear sunglasses while taking the following pictures!

We are really pleased with the final result! If you or your school would like to become Arts Superheroes for the day, please get in touch with the centre on 01724 297070, or email our Education Officer on