Thursday, 23 October 2014

Crosby Primary's After School Art Club Host Their Own Exhibition!

This academic year saw the start of a new project at Crosby Primary School.

The After School Art Club at Crosby Primary School started in September and is already proving to be a big success. The pupils are exploring the themes of buildings and architecture through a wide variety of art forms.

As well as teaching new artistic skills and how to master new materials, we have also incorporated elements of maths, science and literacy into the sessions.

It has been great fun so far and the kids are really proud of the fantastic work they've produced. So proud, in fact, that they decided to hold their own exhibition to showcase their talents to their parents and teachers! 

'At the last week we invited parents and teachers. 
Art club was cool.' 

They designed and produced their own invitations for the event and then took it in turns to present the artwork to the audience.

'I think this club was the best because there was lots of fun activities every week. I liked best making the houses.' 

 They cannot wait to come back to Art Club next term.

20-21 Visual Arts Centre could run an After School Art Club at your school too. If you're interested, please get in touch via or by calling 01724 297070.