Monday, 8 December 2014

Scunthorpe C of E - Master Puppeteers!

On Wednesday, 3 December, Scunthorpe Church of England Primary School came to 20-21 to have a look at our Nick Sharratt exhibition and then have a workshop on puppet-making! 

Everyone hard at work creating their puppets

The year 1s at Scunthorpe CofE have been looking at the topic of toys and came to 20-21 to try their hands at making their own.

Talk to the puppet

Looking around the Nick Sharratt, 'Pirates Pants and Wellyphants' exhibition, the children took ideas about the different types of characters they could make; human, animal or otherwise! 

Back in the Education Room, the children designed their own characters on paper using ideas from the exhibition and then learnt how to bring their characters to life as their very own puppets - even making them talk!

Each child took their puppet home and we were really impressed with their imaginative characters.

If you would like your school to become master puppeteers too, or to organise your own tour and workshop, please get in touch on 01724 297070, or email us at