Thursday, 5 September 2013

Welcome Back and All Aboard for Literacy Links Central!

Welcome back to the start of what looks like an exciting new school year! We have returned raring to go after a successful first year as Education at 20-21, with what's looking like another successful year ahead of us.
Education at 20-21 are hitting the ground running with four extremely enticing exhibitions for schools and teachers. This Autumn term 20-21’s galleries will be jam packed with exhibitions that hold tremendous links for delivering creative sessions in literacy, visual literacy and language.

All Aboard for Literacy Links Central!

Helen Snell’s “Burnt Out” will be her biggest solo exhibition to date, displaying new works developed around her research and time spent at the National Maritime Museum. Burnt Out is an ambitious new exhibition of work by an award winning artist, who uses digital laser and water jet cutting techniques to create her exquisitely detailed work.
This exhibition features large scale works made especially for the space at 20-21. The work cut from steel, acrylic, paper, card and fabric tells tales of exploration, survival and the quest for knowledge in hostile and extreme environments.
This exhibition runs 5th Oct-18th Jan. Below are some examples of Helen Snell's past work.

Tracey Holland’s exhibition “Atlas of Charged Space” uses photography, film and collage to create site-specific installations that explore the links between science, mythology, religion and history. Using light, silhouette and transparancy she creates a distinctive visual language, rich with spellbinding fairytale-esque stories.
There are direct links drawn between Tracey Holland's work and that of Helen Snell's, by considering the artists' abilities to trell stories without words, encouraging people to think beyond the boundaries of the artworks before them. Both these exhibitions sit very neatly with teaching visual literacy and creative language.
This exhibition runs 19th Oct-11th Jan. Below are some stills taken from Holland's films.

Jane Bevan gathers countryside and woodland debris on daily walks near her home in Derbyshire. These foraged finds include bark pieces from fallen trees, thorns, feathers and pine needles - treasures which are so often overlooked. Once collected she then uses traditional techniques of tying, binding, stitching and twining to make sculptures and vessels for the home.
By bringing these natural, found materials inside, she asks visitors to take a closer look at the details of nature and to admire and enjoy the texture, colours, strength and versatility they offer.
Jane Bevan has very kindly loaned 20-21 a touch box of materials she has gathered and manipulated, meaning pupils and staff can handle mini sculptures and make small works from them.
Bevan's "Walks with Nature" links directly with the work of Tracey Holland and easily incorporates studies of literacy as well as science and mini beasts.
This exhibition runs 7th Sept-2nd Nov. Below are some images of Jane Bevan's beautiful sculptural works.

Our Judge Dredd inspired exhibition plays host to tributes to the cult classic comics as well as displaying some original artwork from artists and collectors. Two school workshops have been offered for pupils to work with comic artist Kev F. Their artwork will feature in the exhibition which runs 12th Oct-7th Dec.

Never before has 20-21 held so much potential for teachers and schools to take advantage of core and bespoke workshops, guided tours and loan pack hire. For information on any/all of these options take a look at our up-to-date website, Education Offer page of this blog, pop in for a chat or call our Education Officer on 01724 297070 or email