Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Great news for arts education

All the hard work of teachers and agencies seems to have paid off!

We have just heard via an email from the Cultural Learning Alliance (CLA) that Michael Gove has announced a bit of a turnaround in decisions toward the curriculum.

Art & Design, Dance, Drama and Music GCSEs will be reformed in time for teaching in 2016.

Gove made some very encouraging remarks about the value of cultural learning:
"I am passionate about great art, drama, dance, music and design, and I am determined to ensure every child enjoys access to the best in our culture. I also want all schools to be able to nurture creative talent in every child."

Read more on the news from the CLA here and from the BBC's announcement, here.

Take a look at one of our old blog posts, on how prolific campaign artist Bob and Roberta Smith hosted the Art Party Conference alongside members of the NSEAD, in a bit of a backlash against decisions being made on the future of arts education.

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