Monday, 28 April 2014

Join our Tribe of Tribble Makers

The Trouble With Tribbles is we don't have enough!

We are seeking schools and after school clubs to get involved with helping us to create 100's of Tribbles, in time for our FREE family event The Final Frontier.

Remember that we won a nationwide vote to win London artist Jessica Voorsanger to come and host a special FREE event for the people on Scunthorpe and beyond, right here in our galleries? Well, now we are not only looking to promote the event, but also get you all involved in making it happen!

As part of the special sci fi event, visitors will take part in possibly their first ever Tribble experience.  Voorsanger wants us to recreate an episode of Star Trek, called The Trouble with Tribbles by making 100's of balls of fluff.

We have created some Tribble Making Kits for you to help us make as many of these little beasts as possible. It is FREE for you and your pupils to get involved and they are very simple to make. For information on how to reserve your Tribble Making Kit, get in touch on 01724 297070 or email